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In this section, we wish to answer all questions relating to the various processes involved in our services, squatters, and illegal occupation. Remember that we work on an ongoing basis to improve our services, making them as clear, simple, and accessible as possible for the largest number of users.
What is the Anti-Squatter Guarantee?
The Anti-Squatter Guarantee is a commitment entered into with the property owner whereby Seguro contra Okupas will recover the illegally occupied property as soon as possible at no additional annual cost for a very reasonable fixed premium.

Therefore, once the Guarantee is signed if the owner is a victim of illegal occupation during the next year, Seguro contra Okupas will recover the property.
Is the Seguro contra Okupas an insurance policy?
Seguro contra Okupas is the commercial name of Garantía Española de la Propiedad S.L. It is not an insurer; therefore, it is not under the supervision of the General Directorate of Insurance and Pensions, which is attached to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation of Spain.

Seguro contra Okupas specialises in guaranteeing property owners the removal of squatters from the properties in question.
Who does Seguro contra Okupas protect?
Seguro contra Okupas provides protection for all property owners who want this protection anywhere in Spain.
Do they cover non-payer of rent/squatters?
Yes. For cases of protection against non-payers of rent we previously evaluate the tenant so that he/she can be suitable and we guarantee the eviction.
How long do they cover the non-payer of rent?
Until the house is recovered. There is no time limit.
How do we act in case of non-payer of rent?
We proceed to face-to-face mediation with your tenant to recover the home, the mediation will be different for each case.
What is the difference between non-payer insurance for rent and Seguro contra Okupas?
An insurance covers the non-payrent only in a maximum of 12 months and many have one or two months of lack, in addition they are governed only by the judicial route, taking an average of 9 months to recover the house.
Seguro contra Okupas, in addition to guaranteeing the judicial process, intervenes in person with the squatter (extra judicial) to recover the home in the shortest possible time.
Does a property owner with a number of properties need to take out a guarantee for each one?
Yes. The Guarantee is specific to each property. The owner can have as many guarantees as the number of properties listed in their name.
If I have a property rented out, can I take out the Guarantee?
Yes: the Guarantee also provides cover if the property is being rented out and is occupied by squatters.
For how long is the Guarantee valid?
The Guarantee is valid for one year, 6 months, 2 months, 1 month or one week.
How do I provide notification that my property has been occupied by squatters?
Said notification must be sent via e-mail to garantia@segurocontraokupas.es.
How long do I have to provide notification of the occupation of my property?
There is no deadline to notify the squatting, although we recommend that you notify us as soon as possible.
What should I do if my house is occupied by squatters?
If the property owner has the Anti-Squatter Guarantee, their involvement must be limited to providing notification of their property coming under illegal occupation to Seguro contra Okupas, which will handle all processes. The property owner will also collaborate with Seguro contra Okupas during the provision of the services.
Which types of property are covered by the Anti-Squatter Guarantee?
The Anti-Squatter Guarantee provides cover for all types of assets: apartments, houses, buildings, commercial premises, warehouses, plots, and office space.
What is the cost of the Anti-Squatter Guarantee?
The price varies according to the asset and its location. Benefits is available at prices starting at less than one euro per day.

You can see the prices at this address:


What benefits is included in the Guarantee?
With the Guarantee, the owner can recover possession of the illegally-occupied property in the shortest space of time possible. The Guarantee includes the most complete benefits: telephone customer service, security advice, mediation with illegal squatters, action in collaboration with security companies, and legal defence services.

You can see the prices at this address:


How can I be sure that my application for a guarantee has been approved?
In order that you can get your Anti-Squatter Guarantee, we will provide you with a written document in which we confirm that your application has been approved. This document will set out the details of the owner and of the property covered. All of the above is subject to the confirmation and veracity of documentation provided.
In addition to the cost of purchasing the Anti-Squatter Guarantee, are there any other costs payable?
The property owner is only liable for the cost of the Guarantee. No other amounts are payable.
How do I obtain the Guarantee?
The property owner can purchase the Guarantee online directly via the website www.segurocontraokupas.es, or arrange cover through any of our personnel.
When will I receive a response to my application for the Guarantee?
Seguro contra Okupas promises to provide a firm response within 1 hour of receipt of the relevant documentation. This means that the response to be able to Guarantee a property is immediate.
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