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Seguro contra Okupas presents the first national cover against illegal occupation.

Our main objective is to ensure that property owners are not affected by the concerning phenomenon of squatting. To this end, we offer property owners a commitment that encompasses the best possible services.

With the Anti-Squatter Guarantee, property owners can rest easy knowing that they have the SOLUTION to recover their properties. The Guarantee ensures the prompt property covered in a secure manner by providing coverage for a full list of items:
Control of access points, in collaboration with security companies.
Security consultancy services.
Intermediation proceedings with squatters on the occupied premises.
Telephone helpline.
Furthermore, property owners have access to a legal defence service in which legal fees, mediation costs, and the cost of notifications, are covered. All of this is available for one low, accessible premium, with no extra costs or last-minute surprises.
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The sole nationwide Anti-Squatter Guarantee with the best services Protect your property with a total guarantee. You can have your guarantee approved within one hour Ease of use and simplicity in the management of formalities over the phone, via e-mail, or via WhatsApp: the choice is up to you.
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