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We protect what is most important to you
“I no longer have to worry about my home. I place my trust in Seguro contra Okupas”
If your house is occupied by squatters, we will recover your home for you
We guarantee your property against squatters
“With the Anti-Squatter Guarantee, we can move forward”
Protected and advised by the best professionals
Don't worry: We’ll take care of everything
“When it comes to squatting, I place my trust in Seguro contra Okupas”
The only company that provides cover against squatting

What is Seguro contra Okupas?

Seguro contra Okupas is the first guarantee to keep your property free of squatters, it provides the following services:

Keep your property free of squatters via the monitoring of access points, with one phone call.
All legal costs are covered. Full legal defence services.
Over-the-phone advice and unlimited security consultancy services.
Seguro contra Okupas is the revolutionary solution that protects property owners the illegal occupation of their premises.
Protect your property with specialists in squatter removal and legal services.
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